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Photo: Paul W. Gillespie

Photo: Paul W. Gillespie

Watershed (2019 & 2020) explores watershed as an ecological phenomenon and a turning point in life.

Photo: Dan Dunlap

Re-Entry: A Performance Tribute to Veterans (2017 & 2018) is a collaboration between veteran literary artists & civilian performing artists

Same Story, Different Countries

(2015-17) explores contemporary & historical racial issues in the US & South Africa

National Water Dance  (2016)

created in collaboration with The Delaware Nature Society & UD's Water Resources Center

Wire/Less (2014 & 2015) created in collaboration with visual artist T.S. Kist for a multi-media installation that repurposed obsolete technology to address the evolution of the wireless movement, its impact on human connections, & its subsequent accumulated waste

Conduit (2013) explores the theme of journeying, moving amongst individual and collective stories. Video footage of trains, tracks and industrial buildings was the visual representation and setting for the dancers as they passed, missed, intersected and yielded to one another.

Feedback Loop (2011 & 2012) is concerned with the ways people are physically drawn into others in every day conversation. How does the initial responsive gesture loop and evolve?

Affinity (2010 & 2011) is created in collaboration with composer David Horton. It explores minuscule variation, incremental shifts, and creating relationship through repetition and proximity. Melding the abstract with functional manipulation of every day materials, the line between awkward and amiable is revealed.

We Just Do (2010) in collaboration with composer David Horton


Sketches: The Life of Harriet E. Wilson in Dance, Poetry, & Music (2019)

Peace Center, Greenville, SC 

Fences (2018)

Pieces of a Dream, Inc, Laird Performing Arts Center, Wilmington, DE

Quietly, Quickly, with Somebodies Dance Theatre (2015)

University of Oregon residency, Eugene, OR

Indoor/Outdoor (2015)

by Debra Loewen, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE

forthcoming (2011)

by Vanessa Voskuil, MN Dance Lab: Regional Dance Development Initiative, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, MN

Dance Africa, company member, 2008-2010

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Tania Isaac Dance, company member, 2006-2007

Standpipe, Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, Washington, D.C., Suffolk, VA

Myra Bazell/Scrap Performance Group, 2006-2007

Be Here Now, Philadelphia, PA

The Music That Made us Dance, Philadelphia, PA

Dancefusion, company member, 2005-2006

Women of Troy: historical reconstruction by choreographer Mary Anthony with Donald McKayle, Philadelphia, PA

Rooms: historical reconstruction of choreography by Anna Sokolow, re-staged by Lorry May of the Sokolow Dance Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

Afua Hall/Philadanco II, 2005

How Can I?, Philadelphia, PA

Stephan Koplowitz, 2004

Grand Step Project/Flight: site specific performances, New York, NY

The Little Orchestra Society, 2003

Peter and the Wolf, New York, NY

Video Links

And the Music Lives On (2017):

Charlie Foxtrot (2017)

Nat​ional Wat​er Dance: Delaware (2016)

The Power of Walking Together (2016)

Wire/Less: Form, Figure, Movement (2015):

We Just Do (2010):

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